Leadership Habits…Part 1

Habits are, well, habits. We often do not realize our habits unless someone brings them to our attention, or we know they are “bad” ones.

The consecutive number assigned to develop a habit is 21. At this writing, an accurate number needed to break a habit could not be found.

Obviously, we know some habits are easier and quicker to develop than others. We also recognize the incredible difficulty in breaking bad habits. Interestingly enough, no one ever refers to a need for breaking good habits.

Leaders also display habits, both good and bad. What we want to examine in the weeks ahead are a few tips surrounding the idea of habits that will improve our leadership.

As we look briefly at the subject, our approach is one of caution and awareness. We are cautious to discuss the subject with concern for the betterment of all leaders, and we are aware of how limited our own understanding is of such a broad subject.

With this in mind, next week we will begin our journey into the world of leadership habits that strengthen our influence.

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