A Message Of Retreat…

What were your first thoughts when you read the title of today’s post? Was there a thought of getting away to relax, something of a calming time away from regular responsibilities? Or, were there thoughts of running away from the battle?

We know how easy it can be to end something before finishing it. Perhaps it is the frustration of the moment, pressures of deadlines, or dealing with people who are either not carrying their weight or they seem to be a weight that must be carried along.

Regardless, the decision to stop or go the other direction seems to be quick and easy.

Leaders must possess a different mindset. We cannot, we must not allow the challenges of reaching our desired goal prevent us from finishing well.

A few suggestions might help when facing these times: 1) remember the greater good of the cause for which we are working, 2) be surrounded with affirmations that result from reaching the goal, and 3) make sure the right people are involved in doing the job needing to be done.

Let us avoid the “retreat” mentality and move forward with confidence.

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