Leadership Word Of The Week…Coordinate

This week’s word involves bringing different elements into a relationship that will insure efficiency or harmony. We further find that it involves negotiating with others in order to work together effectively.

Coordinating is one of the top significant areas needed for successful leadership.

From a spiritual perspective, few areas carry greater weight than the ability to work with different people in different situations and pull everything together into a relationship of harmony and effective work.

An obvious challenge to this way of thinking is the stubborn, obstinate, self-driven, self-serving, or arrogant attitudes that are often displayed by those within any organization, including the church, who find their place in trying to destroy good ideas or plans.

Regardless, working with people is going to surface the good and bad in others. Therefore, a leader’s responsibility involves finding ways to work with these individuals and situations in ways that reach the ultimate good of the whole.

Nothing is easy. If it were, everyone would do it. Thus, we must take the time to invest in the areas needed to help us tackle the challenges with godliness and grace.

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