Hold On…

A common phrase to encourage perseverance is “hold on.” We learn that holding on for a few more minutes can make the difference in securing hope, gaining a measure of strength, finding the answer, or reaching the goal.

When we consider giving up, the question becomes, “hold on to what?” Success seems elusive and passion dwindles to little more than an ember. What can we hold on to?

Reflect on the past. The past holds many keys, one of which is how God has helped us overcome obstacles in the past. Reflecting on how God walked with us during those times strengthens us to look for His presence in the current circumstance.

Remember we are not alone. The Elijah syndrome is easy to develop, but looking around reminds us that others walk alongside us. Their involvement in our lives is a gift that God provides to guide our steps and strengthen our heart.

Realize faith in the vision. Great vision requires a great God and He is the One we serve. We need to realize challenges may be God’s way of helping shape our character for something greater than we can imagine.

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