A Sense Of Community…

The use of community raises both a positive and negative response. The word “community” relates to several words we use on a daily basis: fellowship, common, public, communion, and more. Regardless of where we might stand on the idea of community, we should consider the biblical use of this concept.

Biblically, we read about the early church having all things in common; no needs existed among them.

We refer to the Lord’s Supper instituted by Christ as “communion” because we come together for the common purpose of communing with our Lord, remembering His life, death, and resurrection.

Paul referred to the church at Philippi in community with him concerning the gospel. They shared, participated, and enjoyed fellowship in the same task.

The idea of community comes from the Latin word communitas, referring to a sense of sharing and intimacy developed among people who experience a transition period that brings them together into a group characterized by prescribed forms of conduct.

When this commonality exists, leading in community takes on a new perspective and deserves research to provide strength for the community of God’s people – the church.

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