Leadership Habits…Part 3

Building on the need for silence as a leadership habit, this week we turn to reflection. Out of the depths of silence, we find the power of developing the habit of reflection. Reflection allows leaders to think deeply and carefully about their leadership.

Reflecting on areas of our leadership increases out ability to learn from the past, gain perspective for the present, and adjust for the future.

Every decision deserves careful reflection as to the implications and consequences of making that decision. Reflecting on the consequences of any decision brings a different level of clarity before the decision is made.

At the end of the day, a time of reflection helps give perspective to the work that was done and what was left undone. Reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of our leadership in the interrelationship with others also promotes growth.

Just to accompany our 21 days of silence, end the day with 10 minutes of reflection. Notice how the time of silence takes reflection to another level for decision making and relationship building in our leadership.

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