Use A Little Imagination…

What we learn from children is amazing. Among all the qualities that set children apart is their ability to use their imagination.

They possess the ability to take a stick and a handful of rocks and become the greatest baseball player of all time.

Children can take a few boxes, cushions from the couch, along with a bed sheet and create an outdoor adventure to another land.

Somehow, when we get older our imaginations seem to lose their luster. Remember the movie Hook. Peter Banning (Peter Pan) grows up and, as an adult, he forgets his youthful spirit and imagination.

As leaders, we can get so caught up in the daily grind and routine that we fail to allow our imagination to take us to another level of thinking. We get blinded to how things have always been and often refuse to consider how things can be.

The worst part is the fact that opportunities may only come once and if we do not use a little imagination and get outside the box, we may lose the opportunity God is giving us to grow to heights beyond our imagination.

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