Who Will We Let Down?

Only a few people never think about what happens when they let someone else down. Generally, we all have that voice inside that moves us to the core when we think that we might potentially let someone down.

Sadly, the desire to not let someone down leads us to try and please everyone, which is impossible to achieve. Even though we know this truth, we still try to achieve it.

Our challenge is we often spend time and effort to please people. Granted, nothing is harder to face than realizing our decisions, words, or actions let someone down.

How often do we consider how our decisions, words, or actions let God down? Spiritual leadership carries some of the greatest responsibility on earth and we never want to let those we are leading down. Above all, however, we never want to let our God down.

If we focus on Him and pursue His will, we may let someone else down, but our relationship with God remains secure. Putting that relationship on hold to insure we please people comes with great consequences. Let us focus our priorities on Him.

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