Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“You can’t have a Million Dollar DREAM with a minimum wage work ethic.” unknown

It is interesting to consider how often we want to achieve great things, but are unwilling to do what is necessary to make those dreams come true.

The same is true in every area, not just the secular.

The reality of how small we think should frighten us. Before we make excuses, shackle ourselves with our own inabilities, or blame someone or something else for our small thinking, maybe we need a reminder of who our God is.

We must not fall prey to the old 60s mentality that “if it is meant to be, it is up to me.” We need to start thinking that it can be because our God is great.

Do we remember the ten spies who brought the bad report and received the consequences for their actions? Joshua and Caleb were the only ones who knew it was God who would make it happen.

This did not eliminate the need for Israel to fight the battles, but God gave the victory. Why would it be any different today?

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