Leadership Word Of The Week…Heart

The heart of a leader is more than an organ located in the chest cavity responsible for pumping blood throughout the entire body.

The heart is regarded as the center of one’s thoughts and emotions, connected to mood, feelings, courage, as well as, enthusiasm.

Another area, as it relates to the heart, involves the central or innermost part of something. The idea is identified as a vital part or the essence of something.

Building on this understanding, the heart of a leader shapes a completely different picture. Consider the growth of the early church. Leadership was central, a vital part, and the essence of this growth.

Discussions often center on why the church today does not grow the way it did then. There are numerous answers and the validity of these answers is not in question.

However, if we really want the church to grow today, maybe we need to pay attention to the heart of leadership. Perhaps leaders need to take a greater role in fulfilling the God-given task of being the innermost part of the church.

When this happens, we will see a revival to the truth.

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