A Raincheck With Loyalty…

Businesses generally offer a raincheck for out-of-stock merchandise that is “on sale.” This process allows customers an opportunity to buy the merchandise at the sale price when restocked.

The benefit of this process builds loyalty between the customer and business.

Loyalty is one of the most vital characteristics of leadership. Leaders must be loyal to those they influence, but how do we build the kind of loyalty needed in leadership?

1. Demonstrate trust: The trust we have in God must be exemplified in our service. We must also learn to trust in others. Perhaps this is why Solomon taught of its importance.

2. Develop consistency and integrity: The decisions we make in leadership must be made on a standard of consistency and integrity. Without them, loyalty will be impossible.

3. Dedicate the heart: Dedication involves the highest level of commitment. We must be dedicated to God, others, and reaching the goal.

These are only three steps of many, but if we use them we can build a solid foundation for loyalty. There is no raincheck when it comes to leadership. Establishing loyalty is priority #1.

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