Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“The future is not a place we get to go, it’s a place we get to create.” Nancy Duarte

The direction of this thought takes numerous paths and the majority of them carry significant weight.

At some point in time, we all experience the uncertainty of the future. Perhaps a crystal ball would be nice to have on those occasions, but maybe not.

Considering the future as something we get to create changes everything about how we view the future. We can never know with certainty the unpredictability of events associated with tomorrow, next week, or next year, let alone five and ten years from now. We can, however, establish goals and make plans we get to create as each day unfolds.

Imagine the nature of our approach to leadership when we create a future that others are excited to participate in creating.

Working together enables us to build momentum that strengthens growth and development. When we relate this to the church, the magnitude of what can be paints a picture of the future that others desire to share. Now that is a place worth creating.

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