Leadership Word Of The Week…Project

As a noun, a project is an individual or collaborative enterprise carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

As a verb, the idea is described as estimating or forecasting something on the basis of present trends, as well as, the force of moving something forward or outward.

Leadership perspective relates to both the noun and verb. Leaders are working in the area of an enterprise that must be carefully planned and designed. The type of planning and design we are talking about involves a strategy for seeking and saving the lost, and keeping the saved, saved. Often a cliché, we need to give serious thought to the project if we ever hope to achieve the aim.

The activity of leadership is also the needed force to influence others in a way that moves them forward and outward. The danger of moving backwards or standing still results in ultimate death of the project (noun). Leaders who know how to provide this kind of influence will always exude an example worth following.

Let us always project what we want to achieve in each project.

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