Leadership Word Of The Week…Potential

The idea of potential is prevalent in every area of life, but what is potential?

Basically, potential is an ability or capability with the possibility of being or becoming something.

In his book, 9 Things A Leader Must Do, Dr. Henry Cloud writes, “One of the worst things you can die with is potential.”

The wheels ought to be turning. What is our potential? How do we achieve our greatest potential? While other questions came to mind, these two need priority.

We cannot know or reach our greatest potential without taking some level of risk. We must determine our desires and the necessary path to reach them. We must be willing to step out of the comfort zone and do whatever it takes.

Cloud goes on to point out “potential is something to be realized, not guarded or protected. So, dig it up! Invest it!”

Our spiritual leadership involves potential. Others follow and depend on us. Reaching out to maximize our potential enables us to help others reach their potential. Spiritually, when the potential of God’s people is unleashed, we will change the world.

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