When Was The Last Time?

Before answering this question, we need to consider the paths we could take to answer it. When was the last time…

…we told our spouse we love them?
…we hugged our children and told them how proud we were of their achievement?
…we used the words “thank you” for a kind gesture to a co-worker?

This is simply the proverbial “drop in the bucket.” Examining the way we ask this question regarding our leadership changes how we view our influence. When was the last time…

…we paused to think about the impact of our words on others?
…we decided to do a menial task instead of asking someone else to do it?
…we praised someone for their work instead of finding a way to ignore it?
…we gave credit to others for their work in order to encourage them?
…we took the time to help someone up the ladder, instead of pursuing our own?
…we made it a priority to share the gospel and lead someone to Christ?

The list is unending, but the question needs to be asked: When was the last time?

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