Incredible! Great! Fantastic! Spectacular! Amazing! Grueling! Abrasive! Controlling!

There is no end to adjectives in the English language. Basically, an adjective is a word, or phrase, that names an attribute to modify or describe a noun.

Think about the descriptive nature in which we communicate with friends and family.

We live in a world where we communicate with the use of words. Interestingly, what we hear and read is often presented with an incredible, spectacular, and unbelievable multiplicity of adjectives.

The thought of how adjectives have proliferated our English language raises a few questions: What word, or phrase, would we use to modify or describe our leadership? Are we looking for a word in the list above? Are we concerned with using a word more Biblical in nature?

Godly! Spiritual! Righteous! Knowledgeable! Patient! Compassionate! Faithful!

Hopefully, these adjectives carry a different ring for all of us and one that drives us to consider how we can live into them.

Today, let us strive to lead others in a manner they will describe Biblically.

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