Leadership Word Of The Week…Intention

How can we best describe the idea of leadership “intention?” Frequently, intention is associated with an aim or plan, the action taken toward what is intended, a person’s designs.

Beyond any technical description or definition, we also find mention of good and bad intentions. Generally, people have good intentions. Their intentions are to do what is right by or for someone else. However, we also know that good intentions are not always the right answer. Simply because someone’s intentions are good does not mean their actions are correct. How can this be improved for leaders?

1) Make sure that our intentions are based on the facts expressly needed and not an assumption.

2) Before acting on our intentions, take a moment to think about how our actions will be perceived by the recipient of those actions.

3) It never hurts to let someone know what our intentions are before acting on them. Outside counsel can prevent good intentions from becoming big mistakes.

Having the right intention is important, but insuring the follow-through on our intentions will bring an accurate response to help those in need is critical.

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