Leadership Word Of The Week…Guidance

Exploring ideas associated with guidance delivers a wealth of information for leadership.

Guidance involves advice, counsel, direction, instruction, suggestions, and leadership. With this list it does not take long to see the significance to our leadership.

The power found in proper guidance is based in the following:

1) Prayer. Sounds easy enough, right? How many times do we stop and pray before we think it through, type it out, or talk about it? The foundation for positive reception with guidance is prayer.

2) Check the motive. Why are we wanting to advise or counsel someone? If the motive is not based on love and a desire to improve the other person, we may need to think twice.

3) Timing is everything. Do we understand the events that surround another person’s actions? The right timing in our approach makes all the difference in how guidance is received.

4) Provide affirmation and encouragement. Critique of someone’s decisions or actions is received far better when we begin by affirming and encouraging previous actions and the ability to continue.

When leaders understand how to provide guidance, they lead where others need to follow.

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