Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“As leaders, the ability to make the right decision during a stressful situation is made easier by having the right character because all the unethical choices are automatically removed.” Rob Turner

Leaders can count on the fact that stressful situations will come. The obvious concern is wrapped up in how we deal with those situations and the results that follow.

We also know the validity of how our character influences our decisions. Therefore, we must strive to maintain the kind of character that moves us to make the right decisions.

The beauty, however, of today’s thought is described in the last phrase “because all the unethical choices are automatically removed.”

Think about the depth of this thought. When leaders possess and maintain the right character, when stress occurs, the choices are much clearer because any choice that borders on unethical intent is not an option.

The natural design of leadership development needs to begin with character formation if we hope to eliminate future unethical choices. This is true at all levels of leadership growth and maturation.

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