Climbing The Leadership Mountain…Part 7

Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” Climbing this mountain is not easy, but the benefits involved with each step far outweigh the challenges.

Two major views are considered with today’s step: Physical: a peacemaker is one who resolves conflict between two parties, uniting one’s relationship with another, and Spiritual: a peacemaker is one who shares the message of Christ / peace, uniting one’s relationship with God.

Regardless of the view we take on this step, leaders have a responsibility in both areas to fulfill a uniting purpose. Achieving this step involves three significant thoughts.

1) Recognizing the physical and spiritual needs of others.

2) Desire to place the needs of others above our own (definition of biblical love).

3) Courage to get involved at the risk of our own pain or sacrifice.

Additional areas could be added such as the need for trust, commitment, and care. When we are trustworthy, committed to the cause, and care about the souls of others, we will change the world.

Let us lead as sons who desire to do the work of our Father.

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