The Conviction Of Faith…

People believe in some pretty bizarre things. Do we believe “Bigfoot” exists? Do we believe Elvis is still alive in hiding somewhere? Do we believe in UFO’s and aliens from other planets? Do we believe in the theory of evolution?

This post, or any other, is not designed to discuss these matters. However, it causes me to wonder what we do believe and why we believe it.

Amazingly, and getting straight to the point, when we believe something, we talk about it to others. We express why our belief is strong. When we do not believe something there seems to be no purpose.

While quoting from the Old Testament, Paul wrote to the church at Corinth, “I believe therefore I speak.”

We have opportunity to influence many people everyday. It is fundamental to leadership. Are we talking about what we believe? Do we speak because of the overwhelming nature of what we believe and why we believe it?

The power of communication allows us an avenue to share a belief system based on the evidence of truth. Make it count!

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