Leadership Seat Belt Safety…

Why are laws made to enforce wearing seat belts? Is it possible they are made simply to raise additional funds for the city justifying “click it or ticket”? Unlikely, but it would not be hard to convince some folks.

Regardless of our like or dislike of seat belts and affiliated laws, seat belts were designed to protect drivers and passengers in the event of accidents. Yes, I know of those who would have died had they been wearing a seat belt. I also know of those who would have died without them.

I am not looking to debate the benefit or detriment in wearing seat belts. However, it raises an important thought for leaders.

Spiritual leaders are to provide protection in the event of temptation, trial, struggle, and weakness. Our influence should create confidence in our ability to protect. What does this mean? Think about the similarities with the seat belt.

1) We must be there when the need exists.

2) We must connect with people to be useful.

3) We must protect without being uncomfortable.

4) We must create a signal when someone is unprotected.

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