Before a few weeks ago, these numbers did not represent much. However, 7.8 now has a profound meaning to everyone.

7.8 reminds us life is fragile.
7.8 reminds us there are needs greater than our own.
7.8 reminds us earthly treasure is temporary.
7.8 reminds us God is all powerful.
7.8 reminds us of the need for leadership.

How will leaders in Nepal respond? How will the leadership of the world respond? How will the leadership of the Lord’s church respond?

Tragedy often brings opportunity, opportunity met with physical provision. Will we be satisfied to send money, food, water, and clothing?

This tragedy should remind us of the opportunity to help people prepare for a far greater destruction, that is the destruction of the earth. It will be an event exceeding 7.8.

Sadly, there were no warnings when the earthquake hit Nepal. Thousands of lives were lost and thousands more injured.

Remember, meeting the physical need first often opens the door for spiritual opportunities. Spiritually, the opportunity is ours. God’s word warns us of a great day coming. All will stand before His judgment throne. Are we prepared and are we preparing others?

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