Building Strong Leaders For The Future…Part 2

Advancing the development of strong leadership is a task that cannot wait until a future date.

While several components are needed to advance this cause, the foundation begins with character.

Two primary areas of character are critical: trust and respect. In order to build these areas into our character, consider the following suggestions.

1) 10-10-10 Principle – In her book by the same title, Suzy Welch explores three questions: Can I live with this decision 10 minutes from now? 10 months from now? 10 years from now? Realizing the consequences should motivate us to think about the impact of our decisions on our character.

2) Inventory Our Values – What has greater value: Character or money? Character or achievement? Character or popularity? Examine our actions over the past month. If there are inconsistencies, then work on them. Do not dismiss, excuse, deny, or rationalize them.

3) Challenge Hypocrisy – Nothing destroys character quicker than hypocrisy. On the job, at home, with our neighbors, in the community, and around other Christians, our character must reflect a consistent belief system.

These three areas are a few suggestions for building our character that establish trust and respect for stronger leadership.

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