Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“It is easy to follow, but it is uninteresting to do easy things. We find out about ourselves only when we take risks, when we challenge and question.” Magdalena Abakanowicz

Leadership means risks. Change never occurs quickly or easily. Introducing challenges or raising questions about the current development or structure increases the level of risk.

Regardless of the approach to personal or organizational growth, change is required in order to expand. The thought of remaining neutral, being comfortable with the status quo, or being afraid to address potential change leaves an organization stagnate and eventually deteriorating.

Time, knowledge, and experience are three elements that provide the basis for approaching any risk. Do we have the time to invest? Is our knowledge of the situation adequately researched? What level of experience exists to consider the resources needed?

Answering these questions allows us take a step in the direction of addressing “what is” and considering “what can be” in our leadership.

Our leadership should always focus on what we can do to grow and improve ourselves and the organization, no matter what risk is involved.

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