Building Strong Leaders For The Future…Part 3

Vision! Among all the qualities needed to build strong leaders for the future, vision is one of the most important. Vision, however, is not about what one can physically see with the naked eye.

Vision is about seeing what cannot be seen or, perhaps more appropriately, seeing Him who is unseen. This is the idea expressed about Moses in Hebrews 11:23-27.

Vision develops the type of conviction that knows what is worth dying for, as with Caleb. The same was true of the apostles.

Vision gives us strength to endure the trials of life. While Philippians 4:13 contextually deals with contentment, the point is our strength comes from Christ.

Vision comes before victory. God told Abraham to lift up his eyes and look in every direction. All he could see God would give him, Gen. 13:14-15. To miss looking in any direction was to miss possessing what God promised.

If we desire to improve our vision, we need to ask ourselves: 1) Do we see ourselves correctly? and 2) Do we see our God correctly? When we answer these questions affirmatively, we are developing the kind of vision needed for strong leadership.

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