So Many People…

The world’s population is beyond my comprehension. When I consider the fact we are approaching seven billion people, it simply becomes a number.

Traveling to places around the world, the reality of this number becomes even more incredible.

Think about the plethora of languages in the numerous countries globally.

Think about the inability to communicate adequately.

Think about the brief time we can spend in each location and may never see again.

Think about how all these people can come to know Christ.

Think about their soul!

Think about what can and needs to be done.

There are more questions than answers. However, the best way to make the greatest difference in the world, spiritually, is to train men who know the culture and language to teach their own people.

We need to give thanks for the dedication and willingness of mission minded brethren who have and continue to labor on foreign soil. We must pray for the opportunity t0 build upon their efforts and work with them to step up our work in ways to reach so many people.

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