There’s An App For That…

We are all familiar with this common phrase. The idea is that no matter what happens in life, or what the need might be, there is an app for it.

Generally, this thought is pretty accurate. There are apps that deal with health, fitness, world news, travel, banking, social media, photography, weather, education, leadership, and the list is unending. You may be one of those reading today’s post from the Leadership Fund app right now. If so, thanks!

More to the point: when we consider the far reaching nature of our leadership, are we influencing others in areas concerning life’s circumstances and their various needs?

Imagine the impact on others if they knew that leaders were a resource they could turn to instead of a technological device.

Granted, leaders are not equipped to address “every” area of life. However, the greater our ability to provide answers to the circumstances and needs of life, the greater our opportunity to influence others in the right direction. Ultimately, isn’t this why we are leading?

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