A Blast From The Past…

Growing up, most of us knew the menu when mom said, “P B and J.” A peanut butter and jelly sandwich seemed to speak of a healthy lunch, the perfect combination of protein, grains, and carbohydrates. Although subjective, few items go together in the same way.

From a leadership perspective, P B and J carry another important thought.

Promise: Leaders hold promise for a better tomorrow. While emphasizing the superiority of Christ, the writer of the book of Hebrews points out that Jesus provides a better promise because of the better hope in His sacrifice.

Belonging: Every person wants and needs to fit in. A sense of acceptance exists when we belong. Leaders who make it possible for others to belong possess the ability to give others the security of a stable environment.

Journey: The path to success brings numerous challenges, but also rewards. Success is not about a destination, it is the journey. How good and bad are perceived throughout the journey determines the level of success.

The next time we hear P B and J, maybe we can remember the leadership connection.

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