Intimidated Or Intimidating?

While the root of these two words is the same, they have a major difference. The first involves the feelings of the recipient and the second involves the intention of the contributor.

Consider the second thought.

The possibility exists that someone can be intimidating and not be aware of it. This is not the intention or motivation. A person simply carries his or herself in such a way it exudes an intimidating presence.

If this is the case, we should learn to make necessary adjustments to overcome this persona.

However, it is not uncommon for leaders to feel they need to be intimidating to accomplish or achieve their goal or purpose.

This style of leadership will only create a temporary and false sense of accomplishment. In the end, people do not want to follow such leaders. If they do, it is only because they feel trapped. Hope is lost and there is no purpose for the future.

People should not be intimidated by leaders and leaders should not be intimidating.

We are leading people to heaven and they need leaders who give them hope! Think Souls.

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