Rule Of Life…

Imagine how different our lives would be if we wrote a “rule of life.” The idea behind this concept is to focus on our purpose in life.

Before considering the connection to leadership, answer the following questions.

Have we ever sat down and written out our purpose of life?

Why are we pursuing the course in life we are pursuing?

What do we want to achieve and get out of life?

Would we be willing to write down our purpose in life?

What implications would exist with having a written purpose for life?

Knowing and reminding ourselves of our purpose in life will continue to keep us focused on the impact of our words and actions.

Having a “rule of life” gives us meaning and hope for what the future holds.

A rule of life changes the way we see God, develop family, and influence others.

At some point sharing our rule of life with others encourages others to do the same. Remember, our rule of life should incorporate our understanding of God, His working in our life, and our desire to glorify Him.

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