Taken / Taking For Granted…

Life can be discouraging when we feel we are taken for granted. If we understand that feeling, then perhaps we can relate to how others feel when we take them for granted.

This happens in families, at school, on the job, around our neighborhoods, and hundreds of other places on a daily basis. Generally speaking, we become so comfortable in our relationships with others, or we become complacent about the feelings others, to the point we do not invest in the relationship. We begin saying and doing things without thought as to how our words and actions affect others. We take for granted they will understand or they know us, therefore, justifying our behavior.

Whether we are taken for granted, or we are taking others for granted, as leaders we have a responsibility.

Without investing in these relationships, we lose the opportunity to influence others in ways that lead to lasting friendships and eternal rewards.

We cannot always change the words and actions of others, but we can look at ourselves and address what needs to be changed to eliminate taking others for granted.

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