Looking For A Connection…

Traveling on the airlines often means looking for some way to connect to the internet. It is amusing to think how disconnected it feels when there is an extended period without having the internet.

The connection is not about the internet. The internet is the tool through which we connect to family and friends. Without this connection something is missing, even empty.

The world has become dependent on the internet. A culture all its own has been created and it connects people around the world.

Since we are talking about the internet, try a Google search about leaders being connected. Within seconds you will discover seven million plus articles on the subject. We cannot exhaust them all in a few lines.

Leaders must be connected to those who are following, but how? Here are 5 suggestions.

1) Get involved in their lives.
2) Be more transparent.
3) Give others something to believe in.
4) Relate individually.
5) Give genuine complements.

This connection creates a demonstration of love. It is not easy connecting to others. However, when we find ways to connect, it will work every time.

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  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    It’s pays to be connected in everything.Thanks

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