Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained…

How many times has an opportunity been missed because of the desire to remain safe? Granted, there are often times when remaining safe prevented an oncoming train wreck, but today’s post is not going down that track.

The idea of “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is an idiom directly connected to risk. Few areas in life witness true and great success without some level of risk.

What prevents leaders from stretching their thinking in a direction involving risk often ranges from the fear of change to the fear of failure.

Sadly, discussing the very thought of venturing into such areas evokes a fear of liberalism and compromise of scriptures. The willingness to take risks, however, can be related to an area that simply allows God to demonstrate the greatness of His power, exceeding our ability to think.

Instead of hiding behind a fear that inhibits our growth and development as the church, leaders need to explore the possibilities of what can happen if we just allow God to work through us, beyond the comfort zones of our past traditions and extend our abilities into areas that promise faith and hope.

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