Leadership Word Of The Week…Devoted

The English word and Greek word translated “devoted” have similarities, but there is a powerful difference.

The English definition speaks of being loving and loyal, but the Greek involves “insisting on staying close to someone or something.”

I understand that to be loving and loyal involves being close to someone or something. However, the power is seen in the first part of the Greek definition; “insisting on staying close.” Devoted spiritual leaders will…

…insist on staying close to people. Through a leader’s devotion they learn the needs of the people closest to them, followers. Helping others reach heaven demands a leader’s devotion.

…insist on staying close to the plan. The plan is really the map. It helps everyone know how to reach the goal. Leaders must not deviate from the plan, or the goal is unreachable.

…insist on staying close to the Lord. Leaders know the true source of their strength is not in themselves, but the Lord.

Through a leader’s devotion to the Lord, the plan, and the people who follow, a foundation can be laid to great achievement.

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