Life In The Middle Of The Road…

Life in the middle of the road generally appeals to those who prefer to avoid leaning too far to the left or right. The sense of balance comes to mind with this phrase.

We live in a culture that is easily characterized by extremism. This vortex is hard to avoid. We see a post from someone on Facebook that drives a political agenda that we disagree with and we just cannot help but take them to task. We hear someone address a personal viewpoint that seems so far off the beaten path of our own logical soundness that we are compelled to straighten their twisted thinking.

Is this needed? Are we really influencing the element that needs to hear our rant? Better yet, will our push for personal self-righteous fulfillment leave others with a taste of a Christlike spirit?

More than ever, we need balance. Life in the middle of the road is not about being uncommitted, complacent, politically correct, or compromising. Rather, it involves balance, learning to think before we speak, considering the feelings others, recognizing that the goal is helping someone get to heaven. Think Souls!

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