Get Around To It…

Is it not time for leaders to get around to it? Procrastination can be one of the most destructive and deadly traits in anyone’s life, especially leaders.

Too often, the grave tendency exists to put a decision off until tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year. This might not be a problem if the decision is inconsequential. If, however, the decision carries consequential value, then procrastinating can move followers to follow someone else.

Why the idea of “putting off until tomorrow what can be done today” exists is beyond logic. Consider the reasons most often given for procrastination:

1) fear of making the wrong decision,
2) lack of adequate information,
3) not a priority to the decision maker(s),
4) need for 100% agreement,
5) comfortable with the status quo.

There are hundreds more, most of which carry little significance or reason.

When procrastination appears to be a common approach, confidence in leadership wanes and apathy results. Why care about anything if making a decision takes too long?

The time is now for leaders to get around to making those decisions before its too late.

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