Leadership…Facebook Style

Surprisingly, Facebook is popular among young and old, as well as, across every cultural boundary?

The various ways “friends” use Facebook to post the activities of their life can be surprising.

Posts range from a play-by-play view of every event of the day to the promotion of new entrepreneurial endeavors.

Facebook, like many other media venues, can be used for good and bad.

If we consider the opportunity, Facebook can be a powerful tool to advocate leadership principles. One primary opportunity Facebook affords each of us is to encourage others and point them in a positive direction.

A number of people have done this by posting a passage of scripture. What a great way to provide spiritual leadership.

Some choose to speak of the creative beauty of God’s creation.

Others use the opportunity to speak encouraging words to help build up friends.

Would should all strive to use our posts to be more creative, using Facebook to provide greater levels of spiritual leadership.

Remember, demonstrating that we are the light of the world is also seen through these social media venues as well.

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