Agree To Disagree…

One of the most common phrases used when people cannot come to common terms or agreement is “we will just have to agree to disagree.” What exactly does this accomplish in the realm of spiritual leadership?

If agreeing to disagree allows both expressions to be correct, then we are headed for a train wreck in the religious realm.

Interestingly, we generally agree that the Bible is “the” standard given by God on matters of salvation, worship, church organization, and how to live, but when applying the principles and lessons taught in the Bible, we often wander into the realm of agreeing to disagree.

Imagine the difference in the church today if leaders applied the same principles of interpretation and agreed to work together until unity could be achieved.

Imagine if the pride of self-righteousness were put aside with the intent of seeking to truly listen to God’s word and simply follow it…only.

As long as we hold to the desire to be right or drive our own personal agendas, agreeing to disagree may rule the day, but it will never work in the end with God.

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