The Lost Part Of Leading…Part 3

Continuing to walk the path of investigation concerning the lost part of leadership takes us into areas relating to the core of any leadership: balance.

Balance is almost a forgotten term by many in our world today. A sense of balance is not about walking a fine line, tight rope, or “balance” beam without falling to one side or the other, even though there are figurative similarities.

The cultural challenges with balance are weighed in the extremism of our society. A quick glance through Facebook posts or any social media outlet reveals the incredible extremes that exist.

Worse still is the fact that extremism has been carried over into the church. The thought of balance may be mentioned, but rarely is it applied.

The terms, or perhaps titles, we tend to ascribe to one another range from the “left” to the “right,” from “anti” to “liberal.” We most often use the term “conservative” in reference to those who agree with us. Here is where we tend to believe balance exists, but not really.

Until leaders get a solid grasp on the art of balance, unity may be occur.

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