Where Are We Coming From?

Messages communicated by leaders can often leave people wondering where on earth are they coming from or where are they headed?

The convoluted approach to accomplishing hidden agendas rarely achieves what was originally intended. We are living in a time that needs clarity.

Providing clarity, however, begins with knowing where we are coming from on a personal level.

This means three important components need to be in place.

One, leaders need a clear understanding of the past, present, and future. In other words, how did we get here, where are we now, and what direction are we headed?

Two, leaders must prepare a strong defense as to why they are communicating this specific message at this specific time.

Three, plan the details of how the destination is to be reached and place it before others all along the way just to make sure no one forgets.

The majority does not really know where leaders are coming from and the primary reason is because leaders often fail to communicate that information clearly.

It is time to make corrections and get everyone on the same page.

1 comment on “Where Are We Coming From?

  1. Cy Stafford says:

    Well said and much needed is the church, in missions and yes, in our personal lives. Teach on my friend, your words and wisdom matter.

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