Determined To Finish Well…

A new class of students began a two year journey last week. The anticipation unfolds into reality. There is an overwhelming feeling too difficult to describe.

What have I gotten myself into?

How will I ever get all this work done?

Is it possible to keep this pace?

When facing overwhelming challenges, even self-inflicted, the most important question to ask is “how can we finish well?”

Spiritual leadership faces many challenges which can and will be overwhelming. These challenges can distract and/or discourage us. We must remember to ask; “how can we finish well?”

Finishing well requires a few simple steps.

Determine the priorities. Discouragement leads to quitting. Leaders cannot allow this to happen. Know what is worth dying for and give yourself to it.

Work hard. A post from a few years back about the Mumford and Son’s band shared the secret to their success. The point was a simple, but powerful truth. They work hard.

Keep your eye on the goal. Challenges bring distractions. Peter encouraged Christians facing persecution to keep their focus.

How well we finish is just as important as how we begin.

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