Leadership Word Of The Week…Integrity

Integrity goes beyond just being honest. It involves having strong moral principles and moral uprightness.

In the book of Psalms we learn the necessity of walking with integrity if we are to dwell on God’s holy hill. The very idea of walking indicates a lifestyle characterized by integrity.

There is an incorruptible nature to a spiritual leader who demonstrates integrity. They take responsibility for who they are and what they do.

Walking with integrity involves an undivided and unshakeable character of Biblical soundness. This character is built in humility and follows a path of consistency. Thus, it is a walk of honesty. Spiritual leaders are honest with themselves and with others.

In David’s Psalm he describes several practical areas defining this needed quality. However, there is one thought among these areas that stands out; “he swears to his own hurt and does not change.”

Integrity stands for truth, speaks truth, lives the truth and will not change, even if it must do so alone. Leadership, then, must exemplify integrity.

Christianity is what we are “in the dark.” Think about it!

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