The Strength To Go On…

When the depths of discouragement engulf us, we only want to find the strength to endure and make the right decisions.

The answer is not always about knowing what scripture says because simply knowing scripture does not help when the heart is in a dark place.

Likewise, it is not always about surrounding ourselves with friends because friends provide little comfort when our desire is to be alone.

Where does the strength come from to go on? How can we pull everything together that we might continue to move forward?

Find a way to express feelings and share the burden with someone. One of the most helpful avenues to find strength is through expression, which can take numerous forms: writing, singing, talking, physical activity, and more.

Remember God’s goodness and trust He knows our plight. An area that provides strength is our memory. The ability to remember is one of God’s precious gifts. While we can often remember the negative side of life, we can also remember God’s providential blessings. He will see us through.

These two ideas are a foundation for gaining the strength needed to go on.

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