Leadership Word Of The Week…Promise

By its basic definition, an analysis involves a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something.

An analysis is further described by words such as: examination, investigation, survey, exploration, inspection, evaluation, research, and probe.

These words provide an additional angle to an approach needed in the process of analysis. The challenge lies in knowing how to use this approach in connection to our leadership.

Concerning leadership, analysis is most closely associated with evaluation. A formative evaluation needs to be completed entering into any plan. A summative evaluation must then be done when the goal is reached to determine what can be learned for future development.

Along the way, periodic evaluation is done to regulate specific actions to adjust or modify course direction to achieve the desired goal(s).

An analysis of the program assists leaders in determining key components in the development of the work and strategies for achievement, along with building on the smaller victories to celebrate success on the way to the goal(s).

Leaders need to keep an approach to analysis close in preparing for each level of the plan: beginning, middle, and end.

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