The Bottom Line…

It is basic. It is where we look first. It is the motive behind the action. It causes hesitation. It can be frustrating, but it all comes down to the bottom line.

What is the bottom line in our leadership?

Are our goals self-serving, or are we striving to bring about what is best eternally for the souls of others?

Do we make decisions because it is going to give us an advantage for our career and future, or because it will better equip someone else?

Is there an agenda behind our actions, or a simplistic, pure love for the betterment of God’s kingdom?

When we study various subjects, are we striving to learn the truth, or find a way to justify our position?

I wish there was an easier way to reach the bottom line, but there is not. Personally, I do not particularly like answering these questions, but it must be done.

As spiritual leaders, we have to ask hard questions, examine ourselves honestly, admit mistakes, act Christ-like, and pray for God’s strength to do what is right. This is why it’s called the bottom line!

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