One Mind…

In a recent class on sermon preparation and presentation, students were critiquing each other on their thesis statements. Words are a poor substitute to describe the beauty and power of the experience.

One student described it as “one brain with all these components working together.”

Witnessing students help each other in determining how the key words, context, and meaning fed into the thesis of the text for their lessons was nothing short of a blessing.

The excitement level in the room was…well, exciting. Students were thankful to have others helping them and a feeling of understanding and growth demonstrated the value felt by the opportunity to help others.

Being there and sharing in that moment added to the multiple reasons why we teach. It was also a reminder of why leaders need to work at promoting the same.

Too often, teaching / leading becomes uni-directional. The path of learning or following is limited to listening and doing.

Learning among adults, however, occurs a greater levels when a multi-directional approach is used, allowing each individual to contribute to the learning process.

When done properly, the result is incredible.

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