Leadership Word Of The Week…Lead

Significant to the foundation of this week’s word is understanding it is a verb. Regardless of how we might define associated terms, such as leading, leader, or leadership, the idea is not concerned with description, but action.

An urgency and even an imperative nature is ascribed to this word, lead. Consider the following thoughts connected to this imperative.

1) Initiate motion: To lead requires beginning the process. Waiting on someone else to lead often results in nothing getting accomplished.

2) Organize and direct: If there is a priority that exists in the realm of leading, it is the need to organize and direct. If not, the results are the same.

3) Take command: To lead is to take command. We are not referring to an authoritative dictator style of leading, but assuming responsibility.

In order to take appropriate action, an appropriate understanding of the role must exist. Without taking the lead, the unqualified, desperate, misguided, and agenda driven element take the lead.

Each of these thoughts carries weight to the activity connected to the pressing demand for spiritual leaders to lead.

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  1. Kelechi Young says:

    This is true.Thanks very much

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