Establishing The Right Momentum…

In the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell refers to what he calls the “Law of the Big Mo.” The necessity of momentum in leadership is critical to success. When momentum is established correctly, it is hard to slow the progress. Momentum can make all the difference in achieving goals, but also the time frame in which they are achieved.

The challenge facing most leaders is how to establish the kind of momentum that carries this progress forward. A few suggestions that address this challenge include:

1) Start small and build up.

2) Set a pace where others can follow and excel.

3) Strive to keep a positive focus and attitude.

4) Secure additional help to support the forward motion.

Sometimes, it only takes one spark to get momentum started.

Taking advantage of those sparks can move any group of individuals into a level of excitement that produces growth momentum.

Leaders must then maintain that momentum by providing the necessary tools, allowing the freedom to be creative, and encouraging ownership and responsibility for development.

When the momentum shifts, whoever is not onboard, will be soon.

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