Leadership Word Of The Week…Platform

A platform can mean something different to each person. There are both literal and figurative uses to this week’s word. For example, a platform can be a raised level surface upon which people can stand, a floor or stage for public speaking.

A platform, however, can also be the declared policy of a political party or group, followed by the idea that involves an opportunity to voice one’s views or opinions and initiate action.

The second idea presented here is one that connects to our leadership. What is the platform for our leadership agenda? Are we standing on our own personal platform, or the one established by God?

As we examine the direction of our leadership, the platform has already been constructed and delivered by God. His word outlines the platform we are to stand on and lift up before the world. This is why Paul describes the church as the “pillar and support of the truth” (1 Tim. 3:15).

If we can wrap our minds around the significance of this statement and build on this foundation, then our leadership will fulfill a divinely given task.

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